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But First Let Me Take a Selfie

One day. I think of the most beautiful memories I have from my past and most of them

don't remind me a full week, or experience but of a moment in time that changed how I saw the world for a few moments or maybe the rest of my life.

TimeHop, the phone application available for iPhone's and Androids, is one of the greatest inventions for applications I have seen. It does nothing more than pull Tweets, Facebook posts and other social media posts up for you to view from that day in past years. This simple concept allows those who download it to be reminded of beautiful moments from their past. I constantly check this to see what I was doing a year, two years and even five years ago.

The past week has been difficult for me and my closest friend Katie as we dealt with the first summer in years of being officially out of our youth group. For many leaving their home church isn't the biggest thing when heading to college but for Katie and I we were facing leaving an entire faith family to move to a place we knew very few people. As the past week has gone by I've been reminded of the thin place we call home in the mountains of North Caroline, Montreat and our many mission trips and adventures that come with them. Our moments with our families, nuclear and non, made our summers what they truly were meant to be for us and made us who we are today. We text each other often about missing out on these experiences, but it is through these that we can make plans for new adventures. Katie and I constantly have talked about another trip to New Orleans after our mission trip there six years ago now. A trip that defined our friendship for life. Who knows, maybe a year from now I'll see this blog post and I'll be in New Orleans with her.

Memories are things our generation has down pact. We take photos every minute of every day. We post statuses, tweets, blogs and vines of every moment we encounter. Obviously our generation may face these issues too head on and may spend "too much time" online. But, there are so many advantages to these aspects of our lives. As the one who always carried the camera, I'm forever thankful for my Facebook and photos for the memories they bring up over time.

So, are you doing anything today that you'll be proud of in a year? Will you laugh or cry if your day was pulled back into view two years from now?

Make the most of the days we have. I spend my summer days in an office, but I laugh more there than I do at home. Every day is a chance to make a memory, go out and do it.


"The heart's memory eliminates the bad and magnifies the good." ~ Gabriel Garcia Marquez

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