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Some May Say We're Crazy

Some May Say We're Crazy, But I Think We're Just Lucky.

In a few weeks, if all goes as planned I will be moving in with my boyfriend of a year, Zachary Reed Fletcher. So many people have told me I'm crazy, that I'm going to ruin my relationship by putting us in this situation. To many it just seems outright wrong. And honestly for a long time, I would have said the same before I met him. It does seem crazy. It's only been a year, we're only sophomores... there are so many reasons that I could not move in, but it seems even crazier to me not to.

You know they always say you know when you've met your soulmate, that something it just different, something feels right and you feel all warm and at home whenever he looks into your eyes. That's my days with Zach. I get to watch him laugh, cry, struggle, all of the things that make up a relationship. Even listen to his snoring when he's sick. Yes, our relationship is different than most, we met randomly and hiked and 10 days later I was so happy when he asked me to be his.

I wish there was a way for me to explain our relationship to people, but at the same time I know other people will probably never understand. But, I can try. Our relationship is...

When he makes me laugh by the way he looks at me and him knowing that I don't eat broccoli unless it's in Chinese food. Or that certain textures make me nauseated and that I can't cry in-front of people. Our relationship is running to avoid the cold weather, even though we'll just be colder and him giving me his jacket, even when he is as cold as me. And bothering to learn my families names and doing homework together for hours on Sundays before weekly family dinners. Our relationship is when he bought me sparklers to surprise me with because on 4th of July this summer we forgot to get them out of the car before leaving the house and letting us do a photoshoot even though it's early. Our relationship is cooking together after work and school are over for the day and learning to love kittens as much as I do. It's him remembering what I wore on our first date almost a year later and cracking a smile because he knows he caught me off guard. Our relationship is putting the other's needs before our own and taking care of the other when we're sick. It's knowing that he doesn't always have to pay for everything and that's okay, and that the best dates often come from little to no money spent. Our relationship is love, and support and strength, compassion and hope. It's laughs and pain and a rubberband ball of feelings that just get added onto as you find them around your house. Our relationship is crazy, but I'm so beyond lucky to have it.

One day, he will be mine forever officially, but until then he will just be mine and I will be his. I pray for this relationship everyday.

With love and hope,


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