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A Response to "9 Signs Your Mental Illness is Made Up For Attention"

Going around the internet today is an article called 9 Signs Your Mental Illness is Made Up For Attention. Honestly, I'm appalled that someone was willing to write this and then post it. Especially as someone who struggles with mental illness. This is what mental illness looks like, a girl trying to live her life.

Mental Illness comes in all shapes and sizes and doesn't always look the same or can be put into a little tiny box with a bow on it. Let's go through the 9 things this author pointed out and explain why they're wrong:

1. Sometimes, anxiety, depression and A WHOLE LOT OF OTHER DISORDERS, make it hard to live a life that other people understand. Going out with a lot of people = stress. Getting out of bed in general = frustrating. We're not being assholes, we're fighting a mental DISEASE.

2. Until recently, it wasn't okay to talk about mental illness, so now that people are willing to share their stories and willing to let other people know what it's like to live with these disorders, WE WANT TO SHARE IT. We want the world to understand, because people still exist that want to discount it (the author for example).

3. For some people, part of having a mental illness and coming to terms with it, is to tell other people that it is a part of their life. If that means including it their bios, then so be it. IT ISN'T YOUR LIFE. Owning a disease can make it easier to understand.

4. As I mentioned before, mental illness doesn't fit into A TINY BOX WITH A BOW. It always does change, within minutes people can change, it isn't being fake, it's being real.

5. Just because we struggle with mental illness doesn't mean we don't get to have a life. Do people with other diseases just stop living their life because they're sick. We have to keep going on and being people, sometimes it's hard and sometimes we want to stay in bed, but some days sometimes many days, we are capable of leaving the house and having a good time. IT ISN"T ALWAYS ONE WAY OR THE OTHER.

6. It is brave to tell someone you struggle with mental illness, because there are people who believe it is made up. People who will tell you that you are crazy, and weird, and annoying... so opening up that you don't fit into societies perfect little bubble of what a human should be is HARD. So yes, talking about it can be difficult, but they are brave.

7. Relationships are a 2 way street. While yes, people with mental illness struggle to make connections sometimes that are good for them and solid, they are battling something within, and that means making mistakes. But, finding someone who is willing to understand that some days we just need a break can be hard, but when you do find it. It's a perfect fit.

8. People post what they are having for breakfast all the time, why does it matter if someone posts how they feel? We talk all the time about how happy we are, posting that you're upset isn't asking for attention, a lot of the time when I post because I'm upset, I don't want to talk to anyone so that's why I post it! LET PEOPLE USE SOCIAL MEDIA HOW THEY WANT.

And last but not least.

9. Just because YOU think that someone isn't TRYING to get better doesn't mean they aren't. THERE IS NO CURE FOR MOST MENTAL ILLNESSES. NONE. So we live with our symptoms, and sometimes that isn't what the people around us are thrilled about, but trust me we aren't either. We don't want to lay in bed all day, but sometimes it's all we can do. I don't want to have a panic attack walking into large crowds, but sometimes I do. I don't want to have flashbacks of people talking shit to me, but I do. I have been in therapy for 6 years. I have been on medication for 2. I'm not MAGICALLY HEALED, because of it. It takes work to live with mental illness.

My rant is over.

If you struggle with Mental Illness, please, feel free to talk to me about it. I don't think you are FAKING it.


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