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An hour long INDIVIDUAL session for

one softball player.



An hour long GROUP session for three softball players.


GRand Slam

An hour long GROUP session for five or more softball players.



An hour long GROUP session for two softball players. 



An hour long GROUP session for four softball players.


Other Needs

None of these sound right, looking for something more specialized? Contact me below for more information.


The game of softball is as much skill and muscle memory as it is a strong mind. When we start, we will go through a comprehensive look at your form, from there we, together, will develop a plan to teach proper mechanics, and develop a mindset that allows you to reach your maximum potential. I work with rotational & linear hitting - along with bat speed and tracking of pitches for batting lessons. I also work with basic infielding, first and third base, catching and much more. Over the years I have worked with many teams and continue to learn how to be the best coach possible.

Cost and payment

If cost is a concern, I do offer payment plans. I played this game for many years and understand that it is expensive. I will work with your family to make a plan that works for you.

Hours of availability

Monday , Tuesday & Thursday | 4pm - 9pm

Saturday | 10am - 2pm


I work out of The Dugout KC in Independence, MO.

Learn more at

Or if cost is a concern, I offer lessons in my backyard in the Susquehanna area of Independence. 

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